What's our story

Passion brought us here

Pinch Of Spice was born out of the idea that there shall be a sit down Indian-place that caters and appeals to all of ones senses, where the dining experience is as delectable as the joy on your taste buds.

Whats behind the name ?

A Pinch Of Spice is all that it takes to spice up your life. The lure and lore of spices dates back to the early beginnings of human history. Spices are mentioned in both the Bhagavad Gita and the Old Testament. The exploration of our planet including the discovery of Columbus was a result of seeking trade routes in pursuit of spices. In 1603, the Queen of England sought the nutmeg to cure and halt the plague in London. Spices are known aphrodisiacs, exotic, expensive alongside jewels, and was literally used as currency during 14th century Germany and medieval France to secure the freedom of serfs. A pinch of spice was all that was needed to transform lives of so many on so many different levels.

What can I expect when I come in ?

This is not an average restaurant. It's geared up to be a social house where memories are made. We want this to be a place where you wish to stay on longer, for longer conversations, heartier laughter and celebrations, and meaningful meals. It’s our hope that its decor, ambiance and trendy facilities shall offer and provide that feel of welcome and play a part in making for wonderful memories.

Would I like eating here ?

If you love to eat, especially Indian, well, your table already misses you and awaits making your acquaintance; our singularly distinct signature dishes shall not disappoint you and are a must-try. If you are a newbie to Indian food and the spices, looking to be introduced, there isn’t a better place than Pinch Of Spice where our friendly team will walk you and work with you to personalize the order to ensure your complete satisfaction and a memorable pleasant experiance.